Death, Taxes and Touhou Doujinshi

It’s been a while. Sorry about that. I missed our two year anniversary on Jan 16th. Do you still love me…? :(

Today’s release is my first Touhou Project release. How I’ve gone this long without doing one, I don’t know either. The title is “Netomari” which I think is a pun. As a whole it means “staying over” but is probably short for “netorare Marisa.” Although, for all the NTR haters out there it’s only mildly NTR at best.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I’m not sure I want to continue translating Book of Shadows. I don’t think that it’s fair that I do it if there is a group out there which is capable of a more consistent and frankly better translation. If you are part of such a group I would greatly appreciate it if you’d consider taking this one up. I would provide all the raws and psd that I currently have. I am NOT, however, interested in offers of help but rather a group to completely take this off my hands.

Remember, please keep me informed about any of my releases that have been deleted. Mediafire doesn’t tell you anymore, or at least doesn’t tell me.

Tengallonhat – Netomari [Touhou Project]


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Happy Holidays and stuff…


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It’s finally over :(

Yes, the beloved ecchi-guro manga has come to an end. Not a very coherent one, but an end nonetheless. I would also like to shout out a special “I told you so” (kinda) about a certain character.

Kedouin Makoto_Orie Mika – Corpse Party Musume, Chapter 20

Corpse Party Musume Chapter 20

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Loli Rin is the best Rin!

After the events of this doujin, Kirei was mysteriously transferred to a new parish…

By the way, that “one more release” I mentioned in my previous post is ALSO a loli Rin doujin. I am absolutely amazed that I’ve been able to slack all this time and not have that one pulled out from under me. It just goes to show how many scanlators lack the refined taste I am possessed of. Anyway, expect that soon along with more Corpse Party and other stuff.

Shigunyan – The Aggressive Lolis I Come up with Are the Greatest!! [Fate Zero]

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Nyaruko demo Koi ga Shitai!

How long have I been (supposedly) translating this? I don’t remember. I’m shocked that no one beat me to the punch after all this time. There’s one more release I’ve been working on for the last ever that I’m also shocked hasn’t been taken out from under me.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Chilled Cherry Blossom – Hard to Describe Book About Nyaruko-san as an Erotic Wife and that Sort of Thing [Haiyore! Nyaruko-san]

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Did you miss me?

More releases on the way! No, dametrans is not the new NekoShota, Yoroshii, Ecchi Neko Hentai or the like. I am very much alive and kicking.

A note on this release: Yes, I am aware that the uncensored volume has been scanned but all the copies I could find floating out on the internet were of inferior quality to the ones ER provided me with so I’m just going with his.

Kedouin Makoto_Orie Mika – Corpse Party Musume, Chapter 19

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I finally gots my interwebs set up!! Any lack of releases from this point onward can now only be attributed to laziness! :)

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Good news!

Sorry for leaving you guys hanging all this time!

I’m getting a new computer and moving into a new apartment in about a week. Whereupon I can assure you that I will soon be back inundating the internet with more horror and moral degradation!

See you then,

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Still not dead!

Hopefully, the pace of my releases will pick up soon.

And yes, this is the first English translated “Kill Me Baby” (Baby, Please Kill Me) doujin!

Does Sonya remind you at all of Alyosha? I guess their personalities are quite different but the fact is they’re both vaguely Russian, blonde, blue-eyed, assassins living in Japan for reasons of dubious likelihood.

BTW, somebody should really get around to scanning_this.

OkayuShop – FuckMe Baby [Kill Me Baby]

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I’m not dead…

Sorry for the long wait this time.

Kedouin Makoto_Orie Mika – Corpse Party Book of Shadows, Chapter 5

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